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Service for make RRIM

Service for make the RRIM from the DEM provided by client or public organizations.

The image of RRIM made from 50m mesh DEM

The image of RRIM made from 1m mesh DEM

Contents of products

FormatStandard, GeoTiff (with coordinate .twf), other image file:JPEG If you need other formats, please contact us.
Priceplease contact[reference: Standard price table]  Estimation

Standard price table

New price released on August 1, 2016

This is the standard price of RRIM based on [License agreement] The below is referring price according to the pixel number of DEM.

 area of RRIM
Data intensity1km25km210km220km250km2100km2500km21000km2

(In Japanese Yen/excluding tax)


  1. The price is only for make RRIM, not including the fee (if needed) of the DEM itself
  2. It may take additional cost in the cases of additional works such as create DEM from random data, color adjustment, process and analysis of image are needed other than make RRIM. Please ask us.
  3. Data format for RRIM: ASCII, CSV, TXT, Geotiff/Tiff+World file, Las
  4. The copyright of product will be belonged to Asia Air Survey. If it is necessary to transfer the copyright, please contact us.
  5. No software or materials for making RRIM is provided
  6. Please declare your purpose of use the RRIM. The use for war, crime and anti social purposes are not allowed. We can reject the order according to the purpose and situations provided by clients.
  7. Others. Please observe the License agreement strictly while use RRIM

About use the RRIM

The “License agreement” with Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd., is needed while use the RRIM. Please confirm the contents of the agreement then put the order.

Method of Order

Orders by any organizations, Schools, or individuals will be accepted. Please put ordering inquiry after confirm the “Handling of Personal Information”.


Five business days are necessary after received DEM from client. However, more business days may be needed in the cases of large amount of data or customize is necessary. The delivery will be done after payment. Please contact us if bill payment is necessary.

Delivery method:Data Exchange Service or send CD-R by mail.

Red Relief Image Map Product License agreement

Please proceed for provisional order if you agree the RRIM Product License agreement.